Our Philosophy on Adoptions and Low Fees:

People have a choice whether to buy a dog or to adopt a rescued dog. Because we want to encourage adoption over purchase in order to decrease euthanasia in this country, we believe that adoption fees should be priced to favor adoption prices over purchase prices.

We operate under the ASPCA’s philosophy of Open Adoptions, which extensive studies indicate the same return of adopted dog rates under Open Adoptions vs. the traditional rescue model with home visits, high adoption fees, and low approval rates are the same. We work very hard to remove every unnecessary barrier to our dogs getting homes: the alternatives for these precious souls can be bleak.

We rely on fundraising through donations and grants to pay the high cost of rescuing, vetting, and making these precious dogs available for low cost adoption. Our dogs are fully vetted, up to date on shots, microchipped with free registration, and insurance to reimburse vet costs up to $1,000 for illness and injury for the 30 days after their adoption.

We adopt the majority of our dogs from various PetSmart and Petco locations, where pet lovers have no reason to be except to be shopping for high end products for their beloved furry family members. We never tire of the thrill of seeing a shelter dog, who days before the event faced almost certain death – roll out in cart wearing an NFL jersey, a new cozy bed, and the best food available.

Below is a list of dogs available on our PetFinder listings. Please note that due to our high volume of adoption traffic this list may not reflect currently available dogs, nor will it necessarily reflect the dogs we will have available for adoption at our weekly adoption events.

Thank you for considering our dogs! Please click on Adoption Locations to see where we will be adopting!!!